Rocking Chairs

Natural edge double rocking chair

One Of The Best Sitting Rockers Around

My customers love my single and double rocking chairs. They are so comfortable that no cushions are needed. Each back is one-of-a-kind with its unique look and feel.

Single cedar rocking chair

Built Like a Rock

Each rocking chair is built for years and years of outdoor or indoor use. Exterior Rust-Oleum coated screws and galvanized hardware are used to assemble the chairs. And three coats of marine grade urethane go on every rocking chair. The rocker boards are extra wide (ATR All-Terrain-Rocker) to enable the rocker to rock easily on all types of floors and in and around the yard.

Single mesquite rocking chair

So You Wanna Rock??

My double rocking chairs have a 4 foot seating area which can hold 2-3 people. My single rocking chairs have a 23 inch seating board which creates a roomy area to curl up with a good book or sit and read a book with your favorite grandkid. 

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